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Who is The Shock Doc?

The Shock Doc
The Shock Doc lies on a bed of nails

Trained in highly specialized medicine at Columbia and Harvard universities, The Shock Doc has combined his extensive body of scientific western medical knowledge with long forgotten secrets of the sideshow, the art of Indian Jadoo, and shamanic knowledge from Asian mystics. With this blend of western science and eastern flim-flam, he has produced a show filled with harrowing stunts, dangerous escapes and stunning feats of mind reading.

The Shock Doc is a graduate of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow School in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Want to know more? Read He's not Doctor Jekyll but could be ... Mr. Fried, the Oregonian article about The Shock Doc.

Special Thanks

Thank you Harley Newman, Slim Price and Todd Robbins for all your help, inspiration, guidance and support. Everyone should have gotten a chance to meet Slim and, if you ever have the chance to see Todd Robbins or Harley Newman perform--you should.