The Acts

Book the Shock Doc Show

Gasp in amazement as The Shock Doc runs a blowtorch across his body and uses his mind to bend nails and break glass!

Sideshow Act

Everyone will shocked as they watch the most daring, the most deadly, the most intense escape ever performed live on stage—the Straightjacket of Suffocation!

Each performance is unique and may include:

Mentalism Act

Using secrets of psychological deception and a heightened sense of perception, The Shock Doc will read your mind. Think of a color. He will name it. Think of a city. He will name it. Open a page in a book and think of a word on any page and he can see it in his mind. With his face wrapped in aluminum foil, with shields placed over his eyes and his head encased in an opaque shroud, he can still see you in his mind's eye.

Each performance is unique and may include:

  • targetPredicting a random number generated by the audience in unusual ways
  • Revealing the thoughts of five different people simultaneously
  • bent nailUsing telekinesis to move objects, bend nails, keys and shatter glasses
  • wavesHypnotizing and make an audience member do his bidding
  • Tapping into the thoughts of anyone and revealing their innermost secrets
  • Navigating any course or tracing any drawing while blindfolded


Both acts are great for clubs, private parties, fairs, festivals, fundraisers, and corporate or special events (not suitable for children). They are suitable for large or small stages. Performances can be for as few as ten or upwards of 300. Performance length, pricing and spatial needs are individualized and customizable. Pricing and booking details