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Summer 2007 Private Summer Party

Portland, OR

April 2 - 6, 2007The Shock Doc Goes Back to School

Coney Island Sideshow School, Brooklyn, NY

The Shock Doc returned to Sideshow School to hone his shocking skills under the tutelage of Professor Todd Robbins. Pictured in the photo are Harley Newman, Ses Carny, The Shock Doc and Professor Todd Robbins.

December, 2006Providence Christmas Party

Portland, OR

The Shock Doc entertained Providence employees at their annual Christmas Party. Over 200 people were shocked and amazed by his astonishing feats of mentalism and his escape from the straightjacket of suffocation.

November, 2006Annual Halloween Party

Portland, OR

The Shock Doc entertained 75 people at an annual Halloween Party. Watch the shocking videos in the Shock Doc Show Gallery.